Motive Learning's video and webcasting studio is a full-service production boutique specializing in webcasting and video/audio recording and editing. We produce broadcast quality video products and stream webcasts utilizing our HD camera system, teleprompter, lighting, backdrops, sets, our Final Cut Pro edit suite, and professional on-camera and voiceover talent. We also have experience coaching and directing company trainers and executives to appear on-camera and capture the attention of their audience.


Video Production   

Our ML Studio production team brings your instructional content and company messages to life in seamless and engaging presentations. We customize your videos using the same tools that network producers use to deliver broadcasts. With our Tri Caster 40 system, we create television-style virtual sets, moving backgrounds, multilayered graphics and effects, picture-in-picture, nameplates, and news tickers.

Video products are output via:

   Tablet PC
   Mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android)
   Company Website
   Motive LMS 4.0 (or any SCORM 1.2 3rd party LMS)
   On-demand playback via URL link or catalog
   Video sharing website (YouTube and Vimeo)



Motive Learning captures in HD 1080p and outputs for your end platform and delivery method.

   Sony HD Cameras
   Seinheiser Wireless Mics
   Lowell Lighting
   Electronic Teleprompter
   Green Screen
   Newtek Tricaster 40
   Mediasite ML Recorder
   Final Cut Pro Suite
   Adobe Creative Suite



Motive Learning offers a list of local artists, whether it's for voice over or on-camera.

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Audio Recording   

Audio voiceovers for videos, podcasts, web casts and interactive training courses are recorded using our state-of-the art production system.

Motive Learning's pool of non-union voiceover talent can meet your needs without breaking your budget.

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ML Studio records, hosts, and streams live webcast events, trainings, and employee briefings, using Mediasite by Sonic Foundry, the most trusted video management platform for webcasting.

Businesses who use ML Studio's secure webcasting service:

   Build stonger teams by connecting with everyone directly
   Reduce travel and boost efficiency
   Empower staff through training and professional development
   Strengthen sales, marketing, and investor communications
   Reduce customer support costs and increase satisfaction